Energy should be seen
as an opportunity

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As efficiency and renewable technology improves, the busines case for lowering operating cost grows ever stronger.

As its cost
continues to rise

Yet upfront capital investment remain a stubborn barrier to increasing cash flow through lowered utility costs.

Types of Energy Projects

The marketplace for energy projects spans multiple strata of cost and complexity,
requiring a case-sensitive approach to maximize benefit.

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Single-Measure Projects

Lighting retrofits or building controls upgrades offer quick payback and verifiable success.

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Energy Performance Contracts

Deeper, holistic approaches to building retrofits involving multiple measures and a guarantee of savings, sometime encompassing additional deferred maintenance.

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Solar, wind, and geothermal projects capitalize on the increasingly compelling business case from developing renewable technology.

The Power of Project Financing

We have over 25 years experience financing
energy-related projects across Canada.

We specialize in keeping clients cash-flow positive
while unlocking the benefits of energy investment.

Preserve Capital

Investing in building renewal can be costly, and may not be your core business focus. Financing protects capital for better uses.

Benefit Immediately

Financing allows an organization to capture savings today when upfront capital is limited. Delaying projects for capital budgeting reasons means potential savings are lost.

Cash Flow Neutral

By mirroring finance payments to savings, we can help address balance sheet concerns and protect cash flow--and in most cases, increase operating cash.

Our Technology

Emmit's platform empowers collaboration between stakeholders to make efficiency projects a reality.

  • Sustainability Officer

    The sustainability officer is tasked with identifying opportunities and making her case to the CFO and building manager.

  • CFO

    The CFO’s job is to assess efficiency initiatives in the pipeline, fully understand ROI, and budget capital responsibly.

  • Energy Consultant

    Outside energy consultants make recommendations and must support them to the client with measurement and verification.

  • Financial Partners

    External funding sources fund initiatives, paid back in energy savings. They need to keep an eye on investments.

Our Technology

Energy projects require consultants to identify opportunities, sometimes guaranteeing the savings. We can help simplify this process with project management and analytics.

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Savings Analytics

Emmit can provide automated savings reports for those projects which require it, especially where savings are guaranteed.

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Project Management

When entering into an efficiency transaction, building owners, consultants, lenders and investors use our platform to manage their projects and investments.

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LEED Certification

Many projects are geared towards achieving sustainability goals like LEED certification, which can energy monitoring and verification of efficiency levels.

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